May 22, 2016

CCTV Camera System Installed at Kabli Car Spare Parts market Saddar Rawalpindi

Four Cameras CCTV System Installation

CCTV Cameras Installation at Engine and used Car Spare Parts Market, Saddar, Rawalpindi Cantt., Pakistan. 8-CH DVR and four 1000 TV-Lines analog CCTV cameras. Cameras pole mounting and outdoor cabling included.

Pakistan CCTV Installer

CCTV system Installation by PAKTRON Pakistan.

The system is installed at the office of Saddar Trade Union for general purpose security and video surveillance. The above picture displays the night vision result of our cameras.

Project Details Details:
  • 100 Square Meter Engine Market Area
  • Three Main Roads
  • Parking Area
  • Work Area

Cameras Specs:
  • 1000 TV-Lines Analog Cameras
  • Outdoor Wide Angle View
  • Night Vision
  • Weather Proof

DVR Specs:
  • 8-Channel DVR
  • Network Supported
  • Remote video surveillance over 3G / 4G Network
  • Mobile phone remote video play back

CCTV Cable Specs:
  • CCTV Outdoor Cable
  • 70-Meter Cabling
  • Copper Conductor

Project Completion Time:
  • Two Days
  • 01 Feb to 02 Feb, 2016

Paktron is a CCTV service provider in Pakistan, we offer safe and cost effective CCTV System Supply and installation services in Pakistan. CCTV Packages are also available on this page.

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