September 15, 2017

Security Camera Install and Repair Service in PWD

One of our latest CCTV Security camera work of installing two new cameras and repair of the existing two cameras system.

Security Camera Technician in Bahria Town and PWD

We received a phone call by the company office in PWD Rawalpindi, that they had installed the security system three months ago and the system is dead now.

We told them to contact the vendor who installed the system, they told us that he is not receiving the phone calls from last 3 days.

Then we made a visit from our nearest Bahria Town Office, and found a CP-PLUS cameras system at their premises which was malfunctioned due to the Hard Disk in it. That already installed hard disk drive was found refurbished which, after an error, made the security system faulty.

We recommended them to change the disk, they agreed. We made their faulty security cameras in working condition in 1-hour time. They asked for two new cameras from us. We installed our new XDEN 4in1 camera at AHD mode for CP-Plus DVR.

Our team also made their DVR online to view on mobile phone.

CCTV Installation and Repair Service:

Paktron is a CCTV service provider in Pakistan, we offer safe and cost effective CCTV System Supply and installation services in Pakistan.

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