April 08, 2018

Hikvision Online Cloud Service Hik-Connect Forgot Password Issue

Hik-Connect is P2P cloud service by Hikvision to view or access your DVR, NVR and security cameras online on your mobile phones.


Please note that always write down your username and password of Hik-Connect App or IVMS-4500 App and keep these information in a safe place for future references.

Because if you forgot the password of the Hik-Connect account you can reset it by providing the username, but if you forgot the username of the Hik-Connect account then, up till now, there is no legal way to recover the account.

And you cannot add your DVR or NVR in more than one Hik-Connect account for security reasons, and you will get the error message "The device is online and has been added by other user."

Phone APP uses DVR's or NVR's serial number to connect to online network. But DVR's or NVR's serial number can only be added under one Phone APP account registered by your email address.

If you know the username of Hik-Connect App and want to reset the password you can contact us, we will reset it for you.

If you don't know the username of Hik-Connect account in which your DVR/NVR is added, and want to access that device on your mobile phone then you have to apply for Static IP from you ISP and call us for DVR/NVR static IP settings.

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