February 07, 2021

Hikvision low price CCTV Camera Installation Packages in Rawalpindi & Islamabad

Hikvision new ECO Series Cameras (White Grey Packing Camera) now available. ECO series comprises of low priced products, introduced to compete and to capture the low budget market.


As a CCTV cameras services provider in Rawalpindi & Islamabad, we always recommended and installed regular standard series products (such as our top seller 2-MP CCTV Package, but now, new customers are comparing our regular (standard) series CCTV Cameras packages with ECO Series products, after telling them the differences between both of them, some of them still ordered us to provide eco series cameras because of low budget.

Difference ?

We have tested and compared ECO Series Cameras with Regular Series Cameras, there are differences between both of them, even the regular series 1-MP cameras have good color results than 2-MP ECO Series Cameras. Between 2-MP regular and ECO series there is a main difference in the Lux values (ability of the camera to capture in low light) of cameras, and the difference in picture quality and color.

Hikvision Original Vs ECO Model

But for low budget customers the ECO series brings good results in low price range but their prices and performance cannot be compared with regular series cameras.

Hikvision 16D0T-EXIPF and 16D0T-ITPF

Not recommended by us, but on the request of new customers we are now launching new low priced CCTV Packages with only two eco models that are [DS-2CE16D0T-EXIPF and DS-2CE56D0T-EXIPF].

Product knowledge is must before buy:

This is must for you, if you want to install CCTV Security System on your premises, to know about the differences between technologies (h.264 and h.265) and different types of products (ECO & Regular or standard models, Analog cameras, Network cameras or IP cameras).

Most Important:

Types of recorders 1080P, 1080N, upto 1080P and upto 4 MP. This is most important step while designing the video surveillance system, always check that your installer or shop is offering which type of video recorder to you with cameras.

Buying Tip: There is no new Hard Disk Drive available in market below 1000 GB. (The 250-GB, 320-GB, 500-GB, 750-GB all are used or refurbished). Hard Disk Drives are used to install in DVRs and NVRs for video recording purpose.

Always compare the models of cameras and recorders, storage capacity and condition (new or used) of storage capacity while comparing the quoted prices.

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