July 25, 2017

CCTV Cameras Installation for a Shop

Our latest CCTV installation at a wholesale shop in Nankari bazar. Six cameras are installed for general purpose surveillance and one fixed lens zoom camera for counter and currency.

CCTV Camera Monitor

The surveillance system includes 1-Terabyte Hard Disk Drive for 15-days recording backup. Three of the connected cameras for godown are at a distance of 190-Meter from shop. Cameras are equipped with default night-vision capability.

Central power system is used to overcome electricity load-shedding. You can see the auto activated night-vision function in camera no.7 in the picture above.

Cameras Specs are given below.

CCTV system Installation by Paktron Pakistan.

System Details:
  • Shop Entrance
  • Exist
  • Godown Area
  • Cash Counter

Cameras Specs:
  • 1-Megapixel Cameras (HDTVI)
  • Indoor Zoom View
  • Night Vision (Range 20-Meter)
  • Weather Proof
  • Warranty: One-Year

DVR Specs:
  • 8-Channel DVR (Warranty One Year)
  • 1-TB Hard Disk Drive (Warranty One Year)
  • Network Supported
  • Remote video surveillance over 3G / 4G Network
  • Mobile phone remote video play back
  • Centralized view
  • Centralized Power Bank

CCTV Cable Specs:
  • CCTV Outdoor Cable
  • 570-Meter Outdoor Cabling (Video + Power) for three godown.
  • 40-Meter Indoor Cabling
  • Copper Video Conductor

Project Completion Time:
  • 02 Days
  • 05  to 06 May, 2017
CCTV Installation Service:

Paktron is a CCTV service provider in Pakistan, we offer safe and cost effective CCTV System Supply and installation services in Pakistan. CCTV Packages are also available on this Pakistan CCTV website.

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